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Saturday Night Contest - Wizard Wars You are now viewing the Saturday Night Contest - Wizard Wars thread.
  1. #1 August 16th, 2014
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    Default Saturday Night Contest - Wizard Wars

    Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying your weekend! As most of you may know, Wizard Wars premieres this Tuesday, August 19th on the SyFy channel. In Wizard Wars, two teams are given certain items/objects, and they have to create an effect/illusion using just those items. We want to use that as inspiration for this week's contest.

    Because this week most students are going back to school, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a back-to-school themed contest. The challenge? Create an effect using only items that would be/could be found in a school setting - objects like pens, pencils, notebooks, paperclips, rubberbands, books, scissors, binders, etc. If it can be found in a school setting, it is fair game for this contest.

    Film your created effect and upload it to either YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram. Post the link to your video in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, August 17th. Once time is up, our panel of judges will go through all entries and decide on a winner. Winner will be selected based on creativity, originality, and execution. Make sure your effect is polished before filming; we don't want any flashes! Also, videos that are uploaded prior to the posting of this contest are not permitted - new videos only!

    What will the winner receive? 1,000 Elite Member Points, and one of each of every release coming August 31st! We can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Let the war begin!

    :: casey.rudd
    theory11 interactive
  2. #2 August 17th, 2014


    Here's my entry:

    This is a very fun trick with an iPhone... and who doesn't use theirs during class! The fun thing about this is that it truly does use a single camera album from your actual photos app... there are no hidden apps running in the background and no screenshots needed. The album that is empty at the beginning is the same one that is full at the end.

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  3. #3 August 17th, 2014


    My entry... 3 tricks by me .... enjoy

  4. #4 August 17th, 2014


    Everything is common within a school setting. Enjoy! Feedback is appreciated and the trick is original.

    'Let art conceal art' _ T. Nelson Downs

    'Magic is simply the chip that carries the guacamole that is you' _ Zach Mueller

    'Don't be another Dynamo or Criss Angel, Magic already has that, so we want another YOU!' _Tufayl Myburgh
  5. #5 August 17th, 2014


    People always have water bottles in my school and I wanted to make some magic out of it so here is the result

  6. #6 August 17th, 2014

    Default My entry for the back to school contest

    In this effect you take a borrowed coin and a borrowed water bottle. You put the coin inside the bottle and then you close the lid. They hear the coin shaking inside. The performer then pulls the coin from inside the water bottle. Very slowly. Then when the performer shakes the bottle again, there is no sound.

    Hope you enjoy!

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  8. #8 August 17th, 2014
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    It took me around 6 hours to create and the result it's a flashy effect that I think would be a nice addition to my close-up repertoire, thanks for making my creativity flow.

    I'm aware the quality it's not the best, but that's the best I could do right now due to the deadline. Hope you enjoy.

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