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JJ Abrams and his Mystery box TED Talk You are now viewing the JJ Abrams and his Mystery box TED Talk thread.
  1. #1 June 7th, 2014

    Default JJ Abrams and his Mystery box TED Talk

    Not sure if this was shared already but stumbled upon a TED TALKS of JJ Abrams talking about a Mystery BOX. Thought you guys would be interested...

    I practice magic for myself because I love it. The applause from the spectator is just a bonus.
  2. #2 June 7th, 2014
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    Jul 2007
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    Absolutely! That TED Talk (and the original Mystery Box that inspired it) was the foundation of our collaboration - and it's a message I think applies to everyone in magic: maybe there are times when mystery is more important than knowledge.

    // jonathan.bayme
    ceo / theory11

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