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What does theory11 mean ? You are now viewing the What does theory11 mean ? thread.
  1. #1 May 9th, 2014

    Question What does theory11 mean ?

    Hey guys,
    Can anyone please tell me what is theory 11 referred to OR what does it mean ?

  2. #2 May 9th, 2014
  3. #3 May 9th, 2014


    Quote Originally Posted by Vidar View Post
    I know what is theory 11. I am asking what does "theory 11" means ?

  4. #4 May 9th, 2014


    its just a cool website name nothing else. i dont think there is any meaning of word "theory 11" .

  5. #5 May 9th, 2014


    I pretty sure it refers to the 11 original founders.

  6. #6 May 9th, 2014


    Quote Originally Posted by IsaacHaber View Post
    I pretty sure it refers to the 11 original founders.
    THANKS finally a relevant answer. who are the original founders ?

  7. #7 May 9th, 2014


    so theory 11 means ...."theory of 11 peoples"..?

  8. #8 May 9th, 2014


    There are ten theories of magic. Production, vanish, transportation, transformation, multiplication, penetration, restoration, levitation, escapes, and mentalism. theory11 is the 11th theory of magic (also 11 original artists when the website first launched).

    // andrei jikh
    vp of production / theory11
  9. #9 May 9th, 2014
  10. #10 May 9th, 2014


    Your reveals were 100% legit, especially PESSURE have lot of fun with sticky tape.GREAT JOB..........!

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