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Pure Smoke vs. VAPR You are now viewing the Pure Smoke vs. VAPR thread.
  1. #1 November 24th, 2013

    Default Pure Smoke vs. VAPR

    just wanted to know your opinions on which is a better buy

  2. #2 November 24th, 2013


    By the looks of it, VAPR.

  3. #3 November 24th, 2013


    VAPR is definitely a better gimmick, but Pure Smoke is cheaper. So it really depends on whether or not you feel like coughing up a little more dough for a better gimmick. I'd roll with VAPR personally.

  4. #4 November 24th, 2013


    For me there are three reasons that speak for VAPR:

    1. You can charge it via USB port
    2. You can determine the duration of the smoke
    3. To me VAPR seems much more practical, since the gimmick is more compact and smaller than Pure Smoke

    However, I recommend taking a look at the Pure Smoke DVD, so you can see what to expect from the Pure Smoke device...

  5. #5 November 24th, 2013


    Quote Originally Posted by Pav View Post
    VAPR is definitely a better gimmick, but Pure Smoke is cheaper.
    That's because E know they won't sell many (if any) if it's more expensive. That's also why there was a huge promotion on Pure Smoke leading up to the release of VAPR.

    If you must, get VAPR but I would wait a little longer....

  6. #6 November 24th, 2013


    yeah i would take VAPR in a heartbeat, from what ive heard the pure smoke device is very unreliable.

    The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty is the moment you are an artist-David Cockney
  7. #7 November 24th, 2013


    Neither of these devices are particularly impressive. I cannot for the life of me remember where, but I watched a video wherein a guy dips his finger in oil, rubs the oil on a table. You cannot see that anything is there. He then proceeds to shoot a little jet of mist onto the oil from about 5 feet away, and the oil begins to turn into a deep red vapor. THAT is the type of thing I would be willing to spend money on. I feel like it's just too simple to rig up something like this yourself with a modified E-CIG.

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  8. #8 November 24th, 2013


    I think VAPR basically took all of the weaknesses of Pure Smoke and turned them into strong points which is great marketing. E knew this and knew if they didn't come up with a price drop and offer a DVD they were dead in the water. Personally I think VAPR looks sweet and would be cool to use every now and again, but for the working magician neither is probably the most practical. That is why I love watching sleight of hand with rings and ribbons, card effects, coins, etc. Because it looks like "real" magic.

  9. #9 November 24th, 2013


    I recently bought Pure Smoke and when I said recently, I mean I got it in the mail about 3 days ago. and was getting super excited. I put it on once, very very gently because I was afraid to break it as I am not use to having things wrapped around my body and such. I got about 15-20 puffs and already the device is broken. I can't get any smoke to come out whatsoever. I changed the batteries, I changed the cartridge I've followed every instruction to the letter and still nothing. Then I find that it seems that many many people have had similar faulty devices. Major let down. I haven't bought anything expensive from Ellusionist in years and thought I'd finally give them another shot and again I was let down...... I didn't even know about VAPR until after I had already received my Ellusionist package. I wish I had waited because my jaw literally dropped when I realized that pretty much all the problems of Pure Smoke were fixed with VAPR. When I save up a little more money I'm definitely gonna get VAPR. Hopefully I can get a refund from Ellusionist since I followed all the instructions and still only got about 15-20 puffs. :/

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  10. #10 November 25th, 2013



    I've yet to see this new piece in that E has been down and I can't get onto it. Anyone have a link to this new version? Price Points?

    I'm not familiar with the whole eCig technology but I've said since day one, if the gaff could be built into a Thumb Tip vs. a Pen, it would be significantly more practical and invisible. A Smaller unit would make this even more viable. My problem in trying to R&D such things is finding the right brand of eCig in that not all allow you to "blow" into them

    NOTE: I don't think I'm exposing anything here, most folks know the basic technology behind these things.

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