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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

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what do normal people think about ? You are now viewing the what do normal people think about ? thread.
  1. #21 October 15th, 2013


    Quote Originally Posted by krab 1 View Post
    You are doing the same thing saying I'm insecure as a person because I'm tired of no talent hacks trying to steel my crowd. I'm sick of seeing kids doing magic on youtube with nothing but their hands and junk in frame. I'm tired of people finding out I'm a magician and then lumping me in with those magicians who only talk about magic. Because I'm tired of seeing magic run into the ground by people who use it as a social crutch to talk to strangers. It's hard to work as a working pro and be insecure. It
    s hard to co-host a radio show and be insecure. What I am is someone who love the art and want to see it elevated back to where it once was before it because what it is today.

    P.S. I didn't watch it was shown to me by someone who wanted to know why all magicians have to make it all about them, and why I never do stuff like that. I went and watched now. The two i found first were both starting around 2 minute in and it was more than 30 seconds.
    Focus on doing what you love first and foremost. Instead of being tired of problems, be part of the solution. Keep doing what you love and inspire rather than judge on your own basis of merit. I think you'll be a lot more happy that way. Going to close this thread as it's run it's course. Feel free to PM me to continue the discussion, happy to help you out.

    // andrei jikh
    vp of production / theory11

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