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Love Me Playing Cards by Curtis Kulig

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  1. #11 August 24th, 2013


    What was the most difficult moment during the entire production of Monument? Was there a specific move that gave you grief or was there something else?

    What do you plan to do now that you've released your project? Any plans for the future?

    If you could change anything about Monument, what would you add/take away?

  2. #12 August 24th, 2013


    1. Beside flourish, do you also perform magic trick? And if yes, which is your favorite?

    2. Who inspired you the most in your cardistery move? Daniel Madison? De'vo? Andrei Jikh?
    D&D? And who is your favourite flourisher and why?

    3. What is your favourite deck of card?

  3. #13 August 24th, 2013


    Is it true that the diet of a french person consists entirely of cheese, caviar and escargot?

    Can you name all four ninja turtles?

    When are you coming back to the U.S.?

  4. #14 August 24th, 2013


    When did you first come up with these moves and when did you decided to make this DVD?

  5. #15 August 24th, 2013


    Did you mess up a lot or drop cards during the trailer? If so about how many times?

  6. #16 August 24th, 2013

    Default how many hours you practice cardistry

    how many hours a day you practice cardistry?

  7. #17 August 24th, 2013


    Favorite flourish you have created
    Favorite deck of cards to use for flourishing
    What inspired you to start flourishing

  8. #18 August 24th, 2013


    i know that their is alot of great persons are inspirations but what got you into cardistry anyone special?

  9. #19 August 24th, 2013


    Do you think cardistry has the same power to affect people on a deep emotional level as magic does?

  10. #20 August 24th, 2013


    how often do you practice?

    what is your favorite time to create? (in the morning, at night, etc.)

    where is your favorite place to practice?

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