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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

Tear a card into pieces - then visually restore it, right in front of your spectator's eyes.More Details

Saturday Night Contest - Something Monumental You are now viewing the Saturday Night Contest - Something Monumental thread.
  1. #41 July 21st, 2013
  2. #42 July 21st, 2013
  3. #43 July 21st, 2013
  4. #44 July 21st, 2013
  5. #45 July 21st, 2013


    Here are my two entries (in the same video)

  6. #46 July 21st, 2013
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    Jun 2009


    Hey guys! Amazing entries! We are currently in the process of judging, and results should be posted later on tonight.

    This is truly difficult to judge, so please be patient!

    :: casey.rudd
    theory11 interactive
  7. #47 July 21st, 2013



    We had some amazing entries. Even after getting it down to three final selections, it was hard to pick just one. But there can only be one winner this week, and we've selected sergioroca for his Framesis submission! Dude, that flourish was out of control. Super unique, elegant, and false! Bravo, man. You just won yourself a brick of Artisans and Monument by Dimitri Arleri! Contact support with your shipping info and we'll send it out.

    Thank you everyone for participating!


  8. #48 July 21st, 2013


    i think you may have skipped frankys entry

  9. #49 July 21st, 2013


    who were the other 3 ones you were considering?

  10. #50 July 21st, 2013
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    Jul 2007
    New York City


    Outstanding submissions! Congrats to sergioroca for the win and to everyone else - hugely impressed, especially FrankyMJose, Bas John, and many more.

    // jonathan.bayme
    ceo / theory11

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