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Finger Exercises? You are now viewing the Finger Exercises? thread.
  1. #1 January 2nd, 2008

    Default Finger Exercises?

    Does anyone know some really good finger exercises I can do my fingers?
    They seem to be acting weird like my pinky is'nt sitting 100% with the rest.

    Any good exercises I can do, even maybe a good book on it, maybe a DVD?

    Thanks in advance.

    Jacob Storey.
  2. #2 January 2nd, 2008


    well, xtreme begginerz and the trillogy all have separate sections just for finger excersizes... hope it helps...

  3. #3 January 2nd, 2008


    I read on a site some where (David Stone I think) where if you put a glass beer bottle on your pinky and do pinky lifts. Accordinly its good for helping you palm better. Or you could just play Guitar Hero on Hard Or Expert. It realy must do someting for your fingers, because they really hurt after playing 3s and 7s on Hard.

    Cheers, Tom

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    Both XB and The Trilogy have some great finger excerises taught on them as has been mentioned, that will increase both finger strength and dexterity. I personally don't bother with them that much except if my hands are a little stiff or cold, you're usually better off just practicing more, your hands generally just adapt as you work.

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  6. #6 January 2nd, 2008


    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
    Yeah that's a great website it's by Greg Irwin. There are some great ones on their for free and everything so definetly check those out. The Trilogy by Dan and Dave Buck also has some great ones too, on the everything else disk.


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