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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

Tear a card into pieces - then visually restore it, right in front of your spectator's eyes.More Details

Why I hate theory11 You are now viewing the Why I hate theory11 thread.
  1. #21 April 14th, 2013


    So you hate Theory11 because it means you have to spend money on tricks? It's a business, not a charity. When they cut out certain parts of the tricks it's because they want to portray to you the trick as the spectators see it, not as magicians would see it.

  2. #22 April 14th, 2013


    This page:

    Is great for that kind of thing, if you see something you really like, looks really good, has good reviews and is not on that page, then buy it, obviously still only if you are going to use it. There is a lot of discussion to be had about this, evidently. We can all nitpick on the differences between what a trailer should be, what it might leave out, why you would and just plain false advertising, but ultimately be smart about what you buy.

  3. #23 April 15th, 2013


    The points you are making are for lack of better words retarded. Take a look at any Jazon England product you can study somethin like that and learn it instantly! don't whine about trailers not showing the method. That's not what they are there for they are there to show you a taste of what you get after purchasing. Take a look at all three of Calen Morelli's effects on Theory11 both are very noticeable use common sense, pause the videos, replay them. What you're saying is absolute S***, and false on all accounts. Most effects have a raw performance. Take a look at Psycho from spidey, Thricycle, Re-Cord, Rapture, Pressure and many more! So the points you are making are invalid.

  4. #24 April 15th, 2013


    Alright fellas, I think this thread has finally reached its purpose as this horse is definitely "dead".

  5. #25 April 15th, 2013


    I hate movie trailers too - they don't show me the whole movie. Dang it!

    // andrei jikh
    vp of production / theory11

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