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Love Me Playing Cards by Curtis Kulig

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Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything You are now viewing the Saturday Night Roundtable - Ask Andrei Anything thread.
  1. #31 December 22nd, 2012


    What is the best T11 deck and why?
    Why should we publish our material at T11 and not somewhere else?
    What does T11 have that other community companies have?


  2. #32 December 22nd, 2012


    1. What is your favorite flourish?
    2. Any tips on how to create flourishes?
    2. If you were to do something else with your life what would it be?

  3. #33 December 22nd, 2012
    Join Date
    Sep 2007
    Belgrade, Serbia


    I've been doing cardistry for many years now, but I don't seem to progress at all, I'm at the same level I was 3-4 years ago. What would be your advice, how can I get over that plato and become better?

    Magician and Hypnotist at Carnival Cruise Lines
  4. #34 December 22nd, 2012


    Hi Andrei if you could trade ownership or have ownership of one flourish or card trick Which card trick or flourish would it be?

    2. How long do you usually use one pack of cards! Before u say OK its time for fresh cards?

    3. What was THE first thing that came to your mind when you knew you were officially a T11 Artist/ Vp of productions!

  5. #35 December 22nd, 2012


    1. Is there going to be genesis v3?
    2. What's your favorite flourish?
    3. What's your favorite deck?

  6. #36 December 22nd, 2012


    1.Do u have any plan in 2013?
    2.which deck you will bring together if doom days truly happen?why?
    3.what are you doing on 21/12/2012? rumor dooms day.

  7. #37 December 22nd, 2012


    For Andrei: Cardistry has come a long way in the past year, it's spreading outside of the community more and more (like with your commercial). What do you think we can do to continue the spread of the art outside of the community even further?

    For JB: What do you love most about your job, being the all around magical, fun ninja turtle that you are?

    For both: Paper or plastic?

  8. #38 December 22nd, 2012


    im a big fan of theory11 and i hope you worn't see these questions as a way of trying to say anything else.

    these questions are mostly for JB, but i would love to hire Andrei's opinion as well.

    does all the content on the wire mack you proud to be a part of it?

    why do you put so much stuff out anyway on the wire? some is really god but some is hoarsely in my opinion a waste of time.

    do you understand why some/maybe only me, may find that there is an information overload on the wire?

    sorry fore my bad English i hope you can understand me

  9. #39 December 22nd, 2012


    What is your favorite deck of cards?
    How do you create new cardistry moves?

  10. #40 December 22nd, 2012


    Question for Andrei: If there was some sort of fusion between America and Russia - sort of a Russiamerica, if you will - would you move to said country?

    Question for JB: What are your thoughts on tropical animals, specifically baby sloths?


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