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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

Tear a card into pieces - then visually restore it, right in front of your spectator's eyes.More Details

Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison You are now viewing the Saturday Night Roundtable - Daniel Madison thread.
  1. #31 September 29th, 2012


    do you ever miss your old life of being a cheat?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie D. Grant View Post
    Is magic an art? Great question. But I reckon my goal isn't to be an artist. My goal is to be myself.
  2. #32 September 29th, 2012


    1.What was the thing that got you into magic/card cheating?
    2.Can you elaborate on the "Madison Players" project?
    3.If you went on to Fool Us again what routine/demonstration would you do?

  3. #33 September 29th, 2012


    1.) You have constantly changed how you describe what you do. Underground magician, slight of hand artist, card shark, cheater, deception artist, etc. What do you call yourself now, and why?

    2.) How has becoming a parent changed your life and career?

    3.) What was it like having David Blaine as a spectator at this year's EMC? Will you ever do EMC again?

    I am Tim Silva. Follow me on Facebook & Twitter
    I have OCD (Obsessive Cardistry Disorder).
  4. #34 September 29th, 2012


    One simple question- What was the first magic trick ever you learned?

  5. #35 September 29th, 2012


    Have you ever done any coin work

  6. #36 September 29th, 2012


    Whats your favorite sleight of hand move?

  7. #37 September 29th, 2012


    How does it feel to be the number one bearded cardist in the game, and what advice would you give to aspiring bearded cardists?

    How did the setbacks you encountered in Lethal prepare you for Dangerous and your upcoming project?

  8. #38 September 29th, 2012


    1) Do you miss the adrenaline you get while cheating at poker?
    2) How did you get into magic?
    3) What is the most diffucult cut or trick made by you?

  9. #39 September 29th, 2012


    1. Which do you enjoy more: fooling someone else, or being fooled?
    2. In your opinion, what's the best deck of cards out there?
    3. Is there a sleight or move that you've never been able to get down?

  10. #40 September 29th, 2012


    1. What are you into right now? Gambling, magic, or cardistry?
    2. What did you start first?
    3. Did you realize that Penn was air-punching you during your performance?

    Magic is Impossible

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