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Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind You are now viewing the Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind thread.
  1. #1 June 23rd, 2012

    Cool Saturday Night Contest - Read My Mind

    UPDATE :: The results have been posted. Check out the results of this contest here.

    Good evening and welcome to tonight’s Saturday Night Contest.

    The ‘Book Test’ is a common plot in magic and mentalism; the idea being that the performer accurately reads the mind of a spectators freely thought-of word, chosen from a freely selected page in book.

    Tonight, I invite you to read my mind. *

    I am thinking of a word, from a page in the book ‘The Expert at the card Table’ by S. W. Erdnase.* Whoever can figure out the word and the page number will win one of each of our latest releases - The Bicycle Heritage Decks, Rapture by Edward Boswell and Insane by Andy Nyman.

    Here is a link to the edition of the book that I have selected a word from...

    If the word and page number are not accurately determined I will accept the closest page number and word on that page. Limit THREE guesses per member. Deadline is 11:00pm EDT tonight. Your guesses should look like:

    Conjurer - Page 24
    Madness - Page 36
    Burgundy - Page 77

    Good luck to all, I will reveal the winner tonight at 11:00pm EDT.

  2. #2 June 23rd, 2012


    Clumsy - Page 23
    Sliding - Page 96
    Ostensibly - Page 160

  3. #3 June 23rd, 2012


    in-jog - Page 33
    mechanically - Page 54
    riffle - Page 166

  4. #4 June 23rd, 2012


    Positions 26
    Downward 74
    Change 151

  5. #5 June 23rd, 2012


    conceal --P33
    gracefully-- p40
    ARTIFICE -- p61

  6. #6 June 23rd, 2012


    employed- page 142
    inconvenience- page 95
    diatribe- page 13

    Not associated, or affiliated, in any way, shape, or form, with the wondrous One must love coincidences.
  7. #7 June 23rd, 2012


    Danger - Page 20
    Passion - Page 9
    dangerous - Page 114

    Good Luck To All

  8. #8 June 23rd, 2012


    Improvident- Page 10
    Handkerchief- Page 99
    Chicanery- Page 185

  9. #9 June 23rd, 2012


    Modus - Page 11
    Persistent - Page 101
    Diagonal - Page 140

  10. #10 June 23rd, 2012


    Desired - pg 113
    Releases - pg 121
    Two - pg 182

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