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Mathieu Bich's Transcode You are now viewing the Mathieu Bich's Transcode thread.
  1. #1 May 20th, 2012

    Default Mathieu Bich's Transcode

    This trick is amazing, and I think Mathieu has done a great job updating this timeless trick, and the integration of a colour changing deck kicker which is ultimately the best ending to this introduction effect it excellent, and the key reason I got it. However I find the the use of sticky tape puts a bit of a damper on the effect. I have been playing around with it and I found that by using a double backer the ending is cleaned and more fluid. This is done by performing the trick as normal, but with a double backer on top of the deck instead of a sticky back card. At the end you place the card that was changed on the top of the deck, after it has been examined. Then getting a break under the selection and double backer and performing a double lift turn over, you can then spread cleanly through the deck, though you will still need to spread over the gimmick. I believe this is clears up the problem nicely.

  2. #2 May 20th, 2012


    nice. To be honest, I perform that effect without the double sided tape, I just spread correctly the cards. But to make it easier for the customers, I decided to add the use of double sided tape. Great idea though ;-)

    Mathieu Bich
    theory11 artist

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