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Diffusion Magic Trick You are now viewing the Diffusion Magic Trick thread.
  1. #1 March 26th, 2012

    Default Diffusion Magic Trick

    Hello Theory11 Forum,
    Here is an effect that I have recently created. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    The link to my video is :

  2. #2 April 7th, 2012


    the ending is quite unexpected i'll say

  3. #3 April 12th, 2012


    Thank you, It was an idea I stumbled upon early in the morning.

  4. #4 April 13th, 2012


    look forward to your next vid.

  5. #5 April 14th, 2012


    concept is very nice and really neat, but relax a little bit. you seem really tense in the video and it gave away for me at least when the funny stuff was happening. like i said though very cool.

  6. #6 April 16th, 2012


    Thank you. I have got good reactions with this effect. I agree I could have been more fluid in the video. I realized that after I already posted it :/.

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