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Cardistry/flourishing battle You are now viewing the Cardistry/flourishing battle thread.
  1. #11 March 22nd, 2012


    Even though i will not be participating, i feel the need to point out that franDC has entered using sped up footage. That's grounds for disqualification in a cardistry competition.

  2. #12 March 23rd, 2012


    why because you are bad and i super great¿

  3. #13 March 23rd, 2012


    Well your not super great if you used speed up footage then are you

  4. #14 March 23rd, 2012


    i don't use it its normal speed , ypu are celous

  5. #15 March 24th, 2012


    I'm not jealous It just looked like speed up footage and don't be so cocky cos your not as good as you think you are

  6. #16 March 24th, 2012


    fran your not super great even im better than you

  7. #17 March 25th, 2012


    okay, if you said i challenge you to anoher tourment oky?

  8. #18 March 25th, 2012


    ok deadline 5th of april

    everything must be original or a variation you made
    cant be longer than 2 minutes

  9. #19 April 3rd, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by cardistry26370 View Post
    ok deadline 5th of april

    everything must be original or a variation you made
    cant be longer than 2 minutes
    okay i know i havnt submitted a video or anything but! let me point out some stuff!
    fran, you cant enter the same video for like 20 battles = disqalification
    fran, you have sped up your footage, dont lie its obvious you will be wasting your time = disqalification
    cardistry26370, dont think about re battling fran becuase you practice more an we know who the better man is so both of you will be wasting time c26370 and fran
    also fran just becuase you havent practiced as much as you want that doesnt mean you can speed up footage!

    so! lets stop bickering and instead of a competiton too see who is better how about a competiton just for fun? to help everyone practice! so just post your video here by april 14
    maximum time 1:30 okay good luck!
    i will be participating as well for fun!
    happy flourishing!
    :: yousaf

  10. #20 April 4th, 2012


    ok sounds fun who judge and i cant put music because soumnd broke

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