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Mustache Magic :: Calen Morelli You are now viewing the Mustache Magic :: Calen Morelli thread.
  1. #1 November 12th, 2011

    Default Mustache Magic :: Calen Morelli

    Hey guys I created some new effects, for a fun video to raise awareness about Mens Cancers.
    It's got some cool magic for a good cause

    ::Check it out here::

  2. #2 November 12th, 2011


    Props man. I lost my old man to Cancer it's a nasty disease. Since you can't just make it disappear or a cure appear this is an acceptable alternative. Keep up the good work!

    Winner SNC 6/5/2010 "What Magic Means to You?"
    Winner SNC 8/22/2010 "Best Dramatic Work" for Theory11 Movie Night
  3. #3 November 12th, 2011


    Nice job calen i lost my grandfather, anyways nice effect it is really creative! i figured out the first phase but am puzzled on the rest
    it looks like real magic

    Yousaf Ejaz--
    Magician,Flourisher,Graphic Designer

    " No matter how young you are you can always make a difference "
  4. #4 November 12th, 2011


    Some insane magic there, so good it looks like camera tricks.

  5. #5 November 12th, 2011


    Great stuff. Using magic for the power of good.

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