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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

Tear a card into pieces - then visually restore it, right in front of your spectator's eyes.More Details

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  1. #1 October 11th, 2011

    Smile Card Stacks

    Somehow i recently decided to do some self working tricks, like lennart green. And that lead into my exitment for stacked decks. So my question is : What are some good books that disscuss card stacks and great tricks that come along with them.
    ( I do not mean riffle stacking, i mean stacked decks like Si Stebbans Etc)
    Thanks in advance.

  2. #2 October 12th, 2011


    By Juan Tamariz

  3. #3 October 12th, 2011


    The best one I've come across is the DYNAMO stack, created by the legend, Richard Osterlind. The ad copy reads::

    "This is the deck that Richard Osterlind carried with him constantly for years. It is made up of a series of tried and proven principles both new and old.

    First, it is a stacked deck enabling you to do any effect in that category-and we have included some incredible ones!

    Next, it has a built in Radar Deck! That's right; you can perform the Radar Deck effect without the need for a second deck! Because of Richard's incredible thinking, you can achieve the exact same effect without switching in the gimmicked deck.

    Because of the nature of this stack, you can ask a person to name any card and perform Al Koran's Encore Card Stab with that named card! This is only one of the many effects you can perform using this built-in principle.

    We have also included some old and newer effects based after Kaplan's work in his book, The Fine Art of Magic. These are completely independent of the stacked deck principle and play incredibly strong.

    All of the above is just the beginning and, at the end, you are left with a normal deck of playing cards! And these cards are the new Bicycle Mandolin cards which are becoming the choice of magicians everywhere.

    Another unique feature of these card enables you easily transform the deck into an impromptu Mene-Tekel deck! This same principle will enable you to perform 4 Ace (or any value) routines in a startling new way.

    And there is still more! Richard teaches you how to adapt this deck to use with his famous Breakthrough Card System, if you currently use that stack. Just those ideas are worth the cost of the whole outfit.

    There is more value in this deck than any ten other decks on the market! "

    Available here

  4. #4 October 20th, 2011


    Read Mnemonica

    :: doug.mckenzie
  5. #5 October 22nd, 2011


    Mnemonica is fairly cool.


    i, VII, v, VI

    "It's easy. All you need is a love of magic in general and card magic in particular"
    -Juan Tamariz.

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