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New Copperfield Team :: Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt You are now viewing the New Copperfield Team :: Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt thread.
  1. #1 April 13th, 2011
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    Default New Copperfield Team :: Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt

    It's a monumental achievement, and it was made official and announced tonight. Chris Kenner (executive producer, David Copperfield) hired Calen Morelli and Blake Vogt this past week to be the newest members of the David Copperfield team.

    I am not sure of their exact position, but they will be working alongside the existing, absolutely unrivaled creative team. This is a huge opportunity for two of this industry's most fruitful young creators to continue their journey in working for and working with the most successful magician - and most successful magic creators - of our time.

    Please join me in congratulating both of these dudes, as they deserve every bit of our applause.

    // jonathan.bayme
    ceo / theory11
  2. #2 April 13th, 2011


    This is incredible and I want to congratulate both of them. I've been a huge fan of Calen's for a while now so to hear him having success like this is just great. He has a great creative mind and has earned every bit of this. Congrats to Blake as well and I wish both of them luck with this.

  3. #3 April 13th, 2011


    What an incredible opportunity! I'm so excited for Calen and Blake! Kudos fellas!

  4. #4 April 13th, 2011


    Congrats guys!!

    I am Tim Silva. Follow me on Facebook & Twitter
    I have OCD (Obsessive Cardistry Disorder).
  5. #5 April 13th, 2011


    Holy Sh*t!!! That is kinda amazing! What an opportunity!!! O.o
    Congrats to you guys!!!!

    "She can feel the continent moving....bluuuuua....we're floating the ocean of the world......she's giving me the death look right now. "
    - Wayne Houchin
  6. #6 April 13th, 2011


    amazing!!! congratz to you both!! D

  7. #7 April 13th, 2011


    that's amazing!!!!!!!! Well done!

  8. #8 April 13th, 2011


    That's one hell of an opportunity given to you two, but you guys EARNED it! Congratulations!

  9. #9 April 13th, 2011


    Calen and Blake rock. Love you guys.

    // andrei jikh
    vp of production / theory11
  10. #10 April 13th, 2011


    Congrats guys! That is really awesome!

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