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What happened to the battle arena? You are now viewing the What happened to the battle arena? thread.
  1. #1 March 15th, 2011

    Default What happened to the battle arena?

    Haven't been to the forums for a while and it seems like the arena has gone and people are duelling in the forums.

    Can anybody tell me what actually happened


    Pasha redefining magic. Not the worlds. His own, got caught up in laziness and automation. Feel free to critique
  2. #2 March 17th, 2011


    The Battle Arena didn't take off as well as T11 had expected, so they shut down the feature. The forum is still open for anyone who wishes to create a challenge and use it to get feedback.

  3. #3 March 17th, 2011


    We should all protest! T11 We want it back!

  4. #4 March 19th, 2011
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    The Battle Arena was never recoded into the v2 of the website. The fact that it's been gone for so long and only complaints come in now probably says enough

    richard zadorozny
    t11 // cardistry / iphone / developer

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