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Love Me Playing Cards by Curtis Kulig

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Triception coin set half dollar by bob swadling & mark mason You are now viewing the Triception coin set half dollar by bob swadling & mark mason thread.
  1. #1 December 11th, 2010

    Default Triception coin set half dollar by bob swadling & mark mason

    does any one have this coin set

    its a new flipper coin that......

    "The underground rumours are true. We do have a brand new flipper coin that has nothing to break, no springs, nothing to glue and no rubber band. This is called the next generation flipper, it is a part of the Triception set. "

  2. #2 December 11th, 2010


    What advantage does this have over a gravity flipper? I've replaced rubber bands in about five minutes.

    What does this do that a Schoolcraft OxF set doesn't?

  3. #3 December 15th, 2010


    im not sure just seen it advertised and thought it would be useful to people

    i havent decided which flipper to get yet .

  4. #4 December 23rd, 2010


    FYI...I just saw Mark demo this, this morning at his home. (He's a friend, and neighbor...lives about a mile from me). We hadn't seen each other in a we caught up a bit this morning...and he showed me this. It's incredible! I love coin magic, although I am a professional stage performer—I've been performing coin magic, and studying it since I was 13. I have to say that this is some great stuff...the flipper coin is amazing, along w/ the other included stuff. It comes in Kennedy Halves, Walking Ladies, or Morgans. I saw them all...and went away drooling! Put it on your list!

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