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t11.bulletin - Steve Cohen : National Arts Club Award Winner You are now viewing the t11.bulletin - Steve Cohen : National Arts Club Award Winner thread.
  1. #1 October 6th, 2010
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    New York City

    Default t11.bulletin - Steve Cohen : National Arts Club Award Winner

    Magic awards are a dime a dozen. Some of them are handed out by local magic clubs. Some of them are handed out by regional magic clubs. And a select few are handed out by meaningful, multinational organizations. Whenever I hear of a magician getting an award, I ask myself what award it is and who is giving it. Sometimes, the award is meaningless - a kind gesture, but of little significance.

    This is not one of those times. This one means something. This time, the award is prestigious; the organization well-respected; the recipient well warranted. This evening, I was pleased to join Steve Cohen as he accepted the Gold Medal from the National Arts Club. The society was founded in 1898 and is headquartered in an elegant mansion in New York City's Gramercy Park. The society's members include three former Presidents, foreign dignitaries (the late Princess Diana), Martin Scorcese, Uma Thurman, and Robert Redford.

    The society has never before provided an artistic award to a magician. That changed tonight, with an elegant, formal reception and dinner to present Steve Cohen with their annual award. I was honored to join Steve tonight as he received the award, and the entire event was an evening I will not soon forget. I was privileged to sit near Dick Cavett at the ceremony, which many of you may know as an entertainer, producer, and great friend to Johnny Carson, Slydini, Doug Henning, and Dai Vernon. The stories he told before dinner had me speechless, captivated.

    Please join me in extending congratulations to Steve Cohen, a great friend of theory11 and someone I truly believe is doing something different; something unique; and most of all, something that is advancing the reputation of this artform we all love.

    // jonathan.bayme
    ceo / theory11
  2. #2 October 6th, 2010


    Great Job. This is another step to making magic an art form in the US
    check out my products and contact me there.
  3. #3 October 6th, 2010


    Excellent work Mr Cohen. Something like that is not to be sniffed at.

    And on that mountainside the devil did tempt Jesus, but Jesus just laughed and performed a gainer full, crying aloud as he did 'God is my father, and boiled eggs are a specialty of mine!'
  4. #4 October 6th, 2010


    Congratulations. He deserved this award


    "Magic is what happens to a person's mind when a mystery is experienced. Magic is an inner experience, not an exterior, objective event." -S. H. Sharpe

    Originally Posted by joshrobarts
    that tongue subtlety just makes the effect.. absolutely kills
    That's what she said.....
  5. #5 October 7th, 2010


    Congratulations, keep up the good work!

    Matthew Martin

    Merely to be aquainted with the basic secret of
    a card trick, in no way qualifies you to perform
    it. Few people realize that even a simple trick
    in the hands of a capable performer can become
    a minor miracle.

    Dai Vernon
  6. #6 October 7th, 2010


    You rock man! Great job on the big accomplishment!

    // andrei jikh
    vp of production / theory11
  7. #7 October 7th, 2010


    Thanks for the hard work Steve, and congrats on your award =)

    -Redi Spades

    "The life of the individual has meaning only insofar as it aids in making the life of every living thing nobler and more beautiful. Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value, to which all other values are subordinate."
    Albert Einstein
  8. #8 October 8th, 2010


    Incredible achievement!

    Congratulations Steve! This has to go down as one of your best life time achievements?!

    Steve is standing on the shoulders of giants, a place where I can only ever dream of being.

    Again, congratulations Steve Cohen, very well deserved!


  9. #9 October 10th, 2010


    Just added a video clip of Dick Cavett introducing Steve at the event:

    Dodd Vickers
    The Magic Newswire
    iTunes Link

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