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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

Tear a card into pieces - then visually restore it, right in front of your spectator's eyes.More Details

Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast You are now viewing the Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast thread.
  1. #1 August 14th, 2010
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    Default Saturday Night Contest - About the Launch Podcast

    There have been countless questions posted this week about the new theory11 site and product releases. Our team has been active on the forums answering as many as possible, but we thought it proper to hold a special edition roundtable podcast tonight to answer any lingering questions on our new site, our new products, and everything in between.

    First and foremost, we want to take the opportunity to share the story of how this all came together in a bit more detail, as well as answer questions submitted directly by YOU. Ask about our new site, the Sentinels, SMOKE by Alan Rorrison, Colorblind, CoinONE, or anything else that comes to mind.

    Limit of THREE questions submitted per member, as we want to give everyone an opportunity to have their questions answered and voices heard. You have until 11:00pm EST tonight to get your questions in, and we will answer as many questions as possible in a podcast to be recorded at that time.

    What's up for grabs? We will pick ONE random member whose question is asked during the podcast to take home a brick of the all new Sentinels, shipped on the house. Looking forward to a fun discussion tonight and telling you guys all about the work that made this week possible.

    UPDATE: Podcast has been posted! Listen to it now here.

    // jonathan.bayme
    ceo / theory11
  2. #2 August 14th, 2010


    1) Why did you guys feel a site revamp was necessary?

  3. #3 August 14th, 2010


    1. Are the old products such as cards and DVDs going to now hold the new logo?
    2. Where was the inspiration/motivation in designing a new layout?
    3. What does the Greek text on the back of the Sentinels say?

  4. #4 August 14th, 2010


    1) what inspired you to design the sentinals? is was after magic con right? so what inspired you, JB to make these silver/egyptian style cards?

  5. #5 August 14th, 2010


    can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration of the new deck and its meanings

    "A mime makes the invisible visible, A magician makes the visible invisible"
  6. #6 August 14th, 2010


    1. In what direction do you plan to take the site now that it's redesigned?
    2. Obviously, what's the dealio with the Wire?!
    3. Can you make a deck with Dizzle's homemade sharpie v-neck on the back? Pretty please?


    Quote Originally Posted by DannyT View Post
    What do Obama and Daniel Madison have in common?
    Both promised Change, but so far . . . . . nothing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Taylor
    Or you can throw a duck at the spec and do a top change.
    "We goin' to hell, and I'm driving!" - Chris Kenner
  7. #7 August 14th, 2010


    When will we be seeing the Chris Kenner Out of Control DVD's?!?!? That's all I want to know!

    If you're Godhandz, than I guess that makes me Jesus Feet!"

    -David Roth on Eric Jones' former Magic Cafe screen name
  8. #8 August 14th, 2010


    1) when will the wire be launched, if at all?
    2)whats your favorite new product?

  9. #9 August 14th, 2010


    how many time did you spend on t11 site during one month?

  10. #10 August 14th, 2010


    how are you guys going to make decks that are better than the Arcane ones ellusionist made??

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