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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

Tear a card into pieces - then visually restore it, right in front of your spectator's eyes.More Details

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  1. #11 November 26th, 2007

    Default Spreadwave ..... the best thing since sliced bread.

    Quote Originally Posted by magicdurkey View Post
    I have a question for all of you ........... is it possible to use Spreadwave in different languages? I mean the name of a card at the end on a spread.......I live in Poland and it's hard to do magic for our community using english words:P

    Thanks in advance.
    To answer your question quickly, no. It comes only in English. I'm not sure if Mr. Bich will be releasing it in other languages (probably not) or if he would permit someone to create it in other languages (unless for personal use, and not for resale type of thing....but still...don't know)

    As for the effect, let's just say that it KILLS. I've performed it for magicians, laypeople, and those in between (my friends and family who are in the know of tricks, but not necessarily of their inner workings) and it has completely 100% floored EVERYONE.

    The method is ridiculously genius!!!! I would LOVE to know how long Mr. Bich took to devise such a method? The one thing that people in the know always comment on is the time it must have taken to come up with the method.

    I cannot recommend an effect more than this.

  2. #12 November 26th, 2007


    Spreadwave is already available in Japanese, it has been released by Tenyo in their new 2007 products.

    A German version will be released by myself, and will be sold by a German magic shop in January 2008…(

    It is possible to make Spreadwave in any languages; I just need a large pre-order… you can contact me if you want more info…

    If you want to make one for yourself (for personal use ONLY, and not for resale).….You can try…. But it’s not that easy…

    Thanks for all the nice comments about the tricks ;-)

    Mathieu Bich
    theory11 artist

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