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Counterfeit by Wayne Houchin

Tear a card into pieces - then visually restore it, right in front of your spectator's eyes.More Details

July 2009 :: No Doubt About It You are now viewing the July 2009 :: No Doubt About It thread.
  1. #21 January 5th, 2010


    You are good when you're spectators say you're the best magician they've ever seen,(if they have seen a lot of magicians.) Also when other magicians begin to mimmick you.

  2. #22 January 7th, 2010


    "Well I would have to agree that this months cerca trova is truly a thinker. For all the complexities an the nuances in every day life, we as a whole strive and demand perfection. Lets get realistic, no one can be perfect, but everyone including me push and push to teeter on the edge. I believe anxiety is a mental block, almost similar to writers block. In the essence here on T11 it relates to magic thus creates a self imposed void.
    I also think this can relate to other subjects in day to day activities. If one doubts himself, one doubts about his future and his abilities compared to the next guy who seems flawless and graceful. Speaking for myself 5 years ago I saw magicians perform the pinky count, the pass, and many others with pin-age. Now that I am 21, I can perforn the pass near invisibly, advanced pinky counts, palming..etc. The point I am reassuring is that what doesnt kill you, makes you stronger. You see someone better, take the initiative an use it to inspire yourself to do better and focus on what matters the most.

  3. #23 October 5th, 2010


    Quote Originally Posted by Steerpike View Post
    (sigh) Where to start.

    Well, the most obvious thing is to become aware of it. You have to become aware of the fact that you have these demons and that they are a part of you. They are also a part of everyone else. The demons never go away, they can only be silenced. The most socially stand-up people have learned to silence the demon and simply thrive off the adrenaline rush it provides.

    "Anything that gets your blood pumping is probably worth doing."
    -Hunter S. Thompson

    The path to reaching this point is built on a foundation of self-awareness and the little things that make all the difference. When you're at a restaurant, don't just mechanically order your food. Ask the server how they're doing. "Oh, hey. How's it going. Slow night tonight, isn't it? (they answer and ask if you're ready to order) Yeah, a burger with fries and a water with lemon. Thanks." Easy. And yet after a month of doing that, you'll notice it getting really easy to do the same to anyone you meet.

    Learn to maintain better eye contact. If you have to put your hands in your pockets try to keep your thumbs visible. Set a goal for yourself to master short conversations (30 seconds) and step it up from there.

    You have to internalize the understanding that the literal tribe no longer exists in the developed world. Social ostracism and exile or almost entirely self-imposed. And while it's still not a good idea to try and make friends by getting drunk and waving your junk at passing cars, there are very few things you can do that will make you a social pariah anymore.

    Find the socially stand-up guys and imitate them until you get a handle on this.
    I think it all comes down to dedication, love, and an open mind. We perform magic for all different reasons, I do it because I love it, I love entertaining people and making them happy, cause that makes me happy.

    I think the people that are "not cut out to be magicians" are the ones that don't try to chase their dream or achieve their goals...ones that don't bother to put in the time to make their magic beautiful. People who just try to find the easy way out without all the hard work and sacrafice.

    I think what we could do to over come self doubt is just to come to realize that in life you need to take risks if you want to get somewhere. no risk, no reward...sure theres gonna always be times when we wanna quit [maybe] or just give up. Times when we're pushed down to the ground and kicked, but if we never give up. After all that the result would be worth it. I think we all need to sit back and realize our future is in the palm of our hands and its up to us to make it happen.

  4. #24 November 5th, 2010


    CPAT Orientation:
    8 weeks prior to CPAT
    CPAT Timed Practice:
    Two timed practice sessions within 30 days of the CPAT........

  5. #25 August 11th, 2011


    School starts in about a month for me. I move on the 3rd of September and I start classes on the 8th. I took my first tour of the school I picked in April of my junior year and I fell in love with the place. It was everything I was looking for and everyone there was so passionate about the same thing I was passionate about. I picked a music school. Music is something that isn't just a hobby for me. I live it and I breathe it. Yeah I know music degrees are pretty useless if you don't work your *** off to make something of yourself. Which I'm up for. I work my *** off at everything I do. I finished high school with a 3.8 GPA and I graduated as an honor student, something no one in my family ever did. I won numerous awards for music at my school. I won a scholarship to the college I am set to attend this fall. 1 of 19 scholarship winners.

  6. #26 December 31st, 2011


    We havent had sex yet , but he said he's versatile and likes to be bottom sometimes , but i cant be top because i just dont like it and besides im not even big! So im afraid of what hos reaction to this may be.

  7. #27 January 7th, 2012


    Quote Originally Posted by zanethresher View Post
    We havent had sex yet , but he said he's versatile and likes to be bottom sometimes , but i cant be top because i just dont like it and besides im not even big! So im afraid of what hos reaction to this may be.
    How is this even related to the topic.

  8. #28 October 9th, 2012


    I don't have that much talent. I love it and i don't let all the downsides get to me.

    thanks for sharing.

    Modular Architecture

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