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The Forums Ask questions, share ideas and participate in our weekly contests. Accelerate your advancement and, in the process, help each other.
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Main Category

General Discussion

For all general discussion related to magic and cardistry.
No discussions of Danny Garcia's nunchuck skills, legos,
pogs, or ninja related activities.
18,955 267,385 Unread!

Product Questions

For product questions. Got a question on a product before you
purchase? Ask us. We're here to help.
5,869 47,511 Unread!

Product Reviews

For product reviews. We want your feedback. Let us know what
YOU think.
2,350 20,429 Unread!

The Wire - Global Marketplace

Specialized forum for all discussion relating to The Wire. On The Wire, you can create and publish your own magic effects and cardistry moves. All you need is an idea. Your effect. Your creation.
420 2,528 Unread!

Specialty Forums


Discuss cardistry and flourishing, the art of manipulating cards.
Don't know what this is? Check out the Media section. Immediately.
2,467 22,292 Unread!

Card Magic Forum

For discussion of card magic and sleight of hand training.
4,176 39,787 Unread!

Cerca Trova

Advanced discussions on theory, technique, and psychology
of magic and cardistry. Moderated monthly by the theory11
panel of artists. Share your opinion - share your thoughts.
21 1,246 Unread!

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